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Blue Ridge Mountain Foods NON GMO, Antibiotic Free, Pastured Turkey Products. The Cleanest Food available to the public.

GMO, Antibiotic Free, Pastured, No Growth Hormones, No Medication, Turkey, Ground Turkey Breast, Turkey Wings, Turkey Drum Sticks,

Genetically bred for the best tasting meat., Blue Ridge Mountain Foods Turkeys live the good life raised the right way for superior taste and quality. Naturally delicious with tender, juicy meat and a distinctively rich flavor. Blue Ridge Mountain Foods turkeys are free range for the age of 6 weeks and eat an all-natural, vegetarian diet. They never receive antibiotics or growth hormones. From our mountain farm to your table, Blue Ridge Mountain Foods Turkeys receive the highest standards of care. The result: superior taste and texture of the meat.

Blue Ridge Turkeys are broad breasted white Toms, not hens like most of the Turkeys that are offered in commercial grocery stores. These Toms are rescued from factory turkey farms in Iowa and are the runts of the brooder houses. These runts cannot reach the feeders and would normally be allowed through attrition to die. Presently we have the ability to rescue 100 tom turkeys per month.  As our sales to local groceries increases our ability to rescue more tom turkeys will be available

The owners of the Corporate Turkey Factories calls these Toms the  " Lucky Ones ".  As we provide the opportunity for these Turkeys to live the good life wandering around the 3 large pastures that we have provided for them to forage and enjoy the great mountain scenery.  From the time of their rescue these Toms are put into our brooder house at a very young age for 6 weeks, then released to the pastured areas of the farm. To provide security these pastures are fenced and the Toms are allowed to move in and out of a greenhouse type building with water, food, and heat provide for their safety and comfort.

Because of the loose definition of "free range," we prefer to use the term "pastured poultry." So our definition would be: "Birds are kept outside (as the season and daylight hours permit), utilizing a movable or stationary house for shelter, and they have constant access to fresh-growing palatable vegetation."

None of our animals after brood sees a building unless they are looking over a fence.   No buildings allowed as we only have sheltered areas for the Turkeys to keep feed dry.All of our animals are raised to strict standards were there is absolutely no chemicals, no antibiotics, no GM grains fed or used in pastures. We don't even allow chlorine to be used in the process as we have replaced the chlorine in the water with apple cider vinegar, herbs, and sometimes some vitamin water.


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